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Elevating Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Technology 

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Transform your living space into a modern, connected oasis with our cutting-edge Smart Home Technology solutions. We understand the importance of convenience, efficiency, and security in today's fast-paced world. As your trusted partner, we offer a range of solutions designed to make your home smarter, safer, and more comfortable than ever before.

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Ring is a leading provider of smart security products designed to enhance the safety and security of your home. 

Ring Video Doorbells: See, hear, and speak to visitors at your door from anywhere with motion-activated notifications and two-way audio.

Ring Doorbell Gen 4
Ring Floodlight

Ring Security  Cameras: Monitor your property with high-definition security cameras that provide live view and recording capabilities.

With Ring's innovative solutions, you can monitor your property, interact with visitors, and receive alerts from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Ring Doorbell gen 2
Ring Intercom
Yale Conexis
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Yale Smart Locks allow you to securely lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone. With the companion mobile app, you can remotely manage access to your property from anywhere, giving you complete control over who enters your home.

Say goodbye to traditional keys with Yale Smart Locks keyless entry feature. Set up unique access codes for family members, guests, or employees, and grant or revoke access with ease, all without the need for physical keys.

Yale App On Device
Yale Conexis L2

Stay informed about who enters and exits your property with Yale Smart Locks' remote monitoring capabilities. Receive notifications on your smartphone whenever someone locks or unlocks the door, providing you with real-time insights into access activity.

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Monitor your home with Reolink's advanced wireless security cameras.

Reolink's wireless security cameras are designed for easy installation, allowing you to set up your surveillance system quickly and without the need for extensive wiring.

Reolink Argus PT camera
Reolink GO-Ranger PT Camera

Offering a wide range of wireless security cameras designed to provide advanced surveillance solutions for your home.

Access live video feeds and playback recordings remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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AJAX Systems offers a comprehensive range of smart home products designed to provide advanced security and automation solutions

Enjoy hassle-free installation and flexible placement with AJAX Systems' wireless smart home products. These devices communicate wirelessly with each other and with your smartphone or tablet, allowing for easy setup and control without the need for complex wiring.

Ajax Systems Smart automation plugs
Ajax Life Quality   Device and mobile app

Take control of your home's environment with AJAX Systems' smart automation features. From lighting and temperature control to energy management and appliance automation, you can create custom schedules and routines to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Protect your home and family with AJAX Systems' smart security products, including motion sensors, door/window sensors, and security cameras, providing comprehensive security coverage and peace of mind.

Ajax Intruder system Range
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