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Home and Business Network Installation

Maximise Productivity with a Reliable Network

At HBET, we understand that the productivity of your workforce relies heavily on a robust data network. Ensuring that your staff have access to a stable and reliable connection around the clock is crucial for maximising productivity. Our team of network cable installation specialists is dedicated to supporting your business network now and in the future.

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Our team of experts provides a broad spectrum of services to meet your networking needs, including:

  • Network Relocation: Seamlessly relocate your network infrastructure without disrupting your business operations.

  • Data Cabling for New Premises: Expert installation of data cabling for new office locations or business expansions.

  • Wi-Fi Setup and Optimisation: Configure new Wi-Fi networks with traffic shaping to facilitate VoIP or cloud migration and resolve connectivity issues.

Professional Data Cabling

Data cabling is a core component of our services. Our specialist engineers have installed thousands of miles of data cabling across various environments, including schools, hospitals, listed buildings, and ships. Our networks are built to professional standards, ensuring they operate seamlessly for years and are designed to outlast the devices connected to them.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi is essential in today's workplace. Our engineers can set up dedicated guest networks to safeguard your business network while providing a seamless experience for visitors.

Wireless Backhaul Services

Our wireless backhaul service extends your network to neighbouring properties or buildings where installing physical fiber is too costly or complex. This solution ensures uninterrupted connectivity across multiple locations.

Stress-Free Business Relocation

Relocating a business can be challenging. HBET removes the stress by handling your network relocation seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


For reliable and efficient network installation and services, trust HBET to provide the expertise and support your business needs to thrive. Contact us to discuss your requirements and learn how we can enhance your network infrastructure.

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