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Intruder Alarm and CCTV Rental

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 Rent HBET’s Premier CCTV & Alarm Systems Today!

We offer our CCTV and Intruder systems on short or long-term rentals. Renting security systems is preferred by some clients because it provides a fixed monthly cost that includes equipment, installation, ongoing service and maintenance, equipment upgrades when required, and replacement of broken equipment. If your site needs to be remotely monitored, we can include this additional to the rental cost.

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What's Included in HBET's Intruder Alarm and CCTV Rental Systems?​

Wireless Intruder Alarm:
Control Hub 2: Central unit for system integration and real-time monitoring.
Motion PIR Detectors (x2): Pet-immune sensors for accurate room monitoring.
Door Opening Detector (x1): Monitors doors and windows for unauthorized access.
Keypad (x1): Convenient arming/disarming with emergency signalling.
Outdoor Siren with brand plate (x1): Alerts neighbours with sound and light.
Indoor mini Siren (x1): Provides audible alerts within the premises.

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UNV 2MP Camera - HBET

2 Camera CCTV  System:

Turret IP Camera (x2)
Resolution: 2MP (1920 x 1080) for clear imaging.
Dual Light Support: IR and white light with up to 30m range.
Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker for real-time communication.
Advanced Features: Human body detection, WDR, and IP67 weather resistance.
NVR (Network Video Recorder): built in storage for all files.
Channels: Supports 4 cameras.
Design: Fan-less design for silent operation and reliability.
Advanced Features: VCA, ANR, ONVIF compliance, and remote monitoring compatibility.


Additional Benefits to rental:

Professional Installation:

Expert setup ensures optimal system performance.
Ongoing Support:

Comprehensive service and maintenance included.
Flexible Contracts:

Tailored rental terms to suit your security needs.
Cutting-Edge Technology:

Access advanced security features without upfront costs.


All of equipment can be used via mobile, tablet or desktop. 

Need a More Tailored Solution ?

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Get in touch with HBET to discuss your security requirements and discover how our rental systems can safeguard your property effectively.

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