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Looking To Have Solar CCTV Systems Installed?

CCTV can not only capture any intruders who might enter your home or business, but it acts as an excellent deterrent.


When people see CCTV cameras, they’re much less likely to enter your site in the first place.  Footage from this type of camera can be used in court if needed, and keep a third eye on your property at all times.


HBET supply, install and service CCTV systems for clients across Somerset and the surrounding locations.  We have a great choice of CCTV systems to choose from, including what’s known as solar CCTV.


What is solar CCTV and why choose it for your property?


Solar CCTV is a specially designed, integrated power system which consists of solar panels, a Lithium battery, an MPPT and mounting brackets. So, what are the benefits of choosing this type of system?


This system is perfect for anybody who wants eco-friendly technology that is both energy-efficient and has wireless capabilities. It uses a self-sustaining power source and has a weatherproof design.


Whether you’re interested in HD, 4K & Solar CCTV to suit your requirements, our team can supply and install your new system in the quickest time. Security cameras are just one of the many types of technology we offer.


If you’re looking to have CCTV installed in Somerset, why not get in touch with our friendly team today.

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