77ZX9LA 77" 8K OLED TV

Please Note: This model currently includes a pair of headphone free of charge. While stocks last.

LG ZX 77 Inch 8K Signature OLED TV 
• SELF-LIT LG OLED: the most innovative technology in TV.
• Ultimate 8K picture quality enhanced by the LG α9 Gen 3 8K processor.
• Dolby Atmos giving immersive three-dimensional sound.
• Ultra slim design and flush wall-mount included.
• Award-winning smart platform: LG webOS.
• Perfect viewing angle.

Product Overview 
The Most Innovative Technology In TV
In contrast to LED TV technology that uses backlights, LG OLED screens pack SELF-LIT pixels which means they work independently to emit their own light. This allows for perfect black levels, outstanding colours, infinite contrasts and the sharpest details which ultimately uncover all the details in darker scenes.

Real 8K adds extraordinary definition level to every film scene, as if you were right there inside the action. With over 100 million SELF-LIT subpixels*, every single detail of LG OLED Real 8K TV is uncovered like never before on your cinematic 77-inch size screen.

AI 8K Upscaling
See It In Brilliant 8K Resolution
Using deep learning algorithms, LG OLED 8K transforms 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture by enhancing detail and definition. Enjoy much clearer text and images with reduced noise and enhanced sharpness.

Built-In Video Decoder
More 8K Videos in REAL 8K
With HEVC, AV1, and VP9 codec support, you can watch 8K YouTube videos as well as 8K videos from a USB storage device or streaming services.

α9 Gen3 AI Processor 8K
The Most Spectacular TV Experience

With deep learning algorithms, the newest and most powerfulLG's α9 Gen3 Processor 8K delivers the ultimate image and sound quality for the most exquisite viewing experience.

ThinQ AI
TV Takes a Leap Forward
Transform your TV into a central hub with the intelligent ThinQ AI. LG ThinQ allows simple command and control your Home IoT ecosystem with natural voice recognition, there’s no remote needed. Also, with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, LG OLED TV makes life so much more convenient.

Immersive Cinema Experience
SELF-LIT Pixels Make Every Scene Feel Real

Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos
Enjoy Professionally Mastered Visual and Sound
Watch movies the way they should be – absolutely breathtaking. With Dolby Vision IQ, screen brightness, colour, and contrast are intelligently adjusted for content and lighting conditions. Dolby Atmos delivers three-dimensional immersive sound to make you feel as if you are right there inside the action.

Filmmaker Mode™
Watch Films as the Director Intended
In addition to deep blacks, LG OLED TVs now feature the all-new FILMMAKER MODE™. This mode disables effects like motion smoothing, image sharpening and preserves the original vision of the director. It's easily activated through the TV menu, or by using the LG smart remote in-built voice control. We are proud that leading directors support this feature.

Unlimited Entertainment
LG webOS Smart Platform: Your Favourite Content All In One Place
Enjoy all your favourite content from Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and LG Channels and more. The latest movies, TV shows and documentaries can also be accessed through voice command.

Unlimited Entertainment
LG webOS Smart Platform: Your Favourite Content All in One Place
Enjoy all your favourite content from Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and LG Channels and more. The latest movies, TV shows and documentaries can also be accessed through voice command.

The Apple TV app
The Home of Apple TV+ and Much More
Original shows and movies from Apple TV+. Just the premium channels you want and thousands of movies to buy or rent. It’s personalised and expertly curated, so you’ll discover the best of what’s on. And it’s all in the Apple TV app.

G-Sync Compatible
Play Every Game at the Highest Standards
As the first TVs to offer NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible support in the industry, LG OLED is the ultimate choice for your gaming setup. All your PC games will be clearer and smoother with less stutter, lag, and flicker. Stay on the winning side with the best TV for gaming.

Smoother Gameplay for the Win
A higher frame rate, VRR(Variable Refresh Rate),ALLM(Auto Low Latency Mode) and eARC(Enhanced Audio Return Channel) all meeting HDMI 2.1 specifications.These latest features allow fast-moving content in higher resolution and smooth,synchronized graphics.It's a more lifelike gaming experience.

Low Input Lag & Fast Response Time
Don't Lag Behind the Competition
Dominate your way to victory with LG OLED TV. With a low input lag and fast 1ms response time, get ready to play in full-force with reduced blurring and added clarity.

HGiG Profile
More Immersive HDR Gaming
HGiG delivers HDR gaming graphics best matched with theperformance levels of your TV. With LG OLED, play from a wide selection ofgames with the confidence in a TV that will show every game at its absolutebest.

Eye Comfort Display
SELF-LIT Pixels for Comfortable Viewing
LG OLED TVs are "Eye Comfort Display" certified which means they emit a lower level of blue light and protect your eyes whilst watching your favoutite content.

Realistic Sports Experience
SELF-LIT Pixels Bring Your Sofa to the Stadium

Sports Alert
Never Miss Updates On Your Favourite Team
Catch every moment of your favourite team with LG Sports Alert. The Sports Alert feature gives you real time alerts on your favourite sports news (e.g. results, goals) whilst watching something else so you won't miss out and can fully relax whilst watching other content.

OLED Motion
SELF-LIT Pixels Accurately Display Every Detail From the Action
Only LG OLED SELF-LIT pixel technology prevents you from missing out on any detail of the action. In contrast to LED TV technology that uses backlights, LG OLED technology brings an impeccable viewing experience with smooth action display to fast-moving sports, all thanks to the new OLED Motion Pro and TruMotion features for additional image accuracy and precision.

Bluetooth Surround Ready
Real Surround Sound for an Immersive Experience
With Bluetooth Surround Ready, you’re fully immersed in a three-dimensional stadium atmosphere. All you have to do is simply connect two compatible Bluetooth speakers of the same model to your LG OLED TV.

Ultimate Luxury Experience
SELF-LIT Pixels Enable State-of-the-Art Designs

Gallery Design
A Piece of Art
The LG ZX features a revolutionary super thin wall-mounted design that enables your TV to sit flush on your wall, creating a cinematic experience and an escape from reality.