CCTV Temporary Hire

We can hire a smart CCTV system so you can monitor your site from wherever you are.

Keeping your staff, guests, and equipment safe and secure for Building Sites, Festivals, Temporary Parking and Events.


Full HD Camera is a small computer and can either be used as a stand-alone device or as part of a larger networked system. Advanced features such as motion detection and video analysis are performed by the camera and multiple IP CCTV cameras can be sent over a single connection.


IP network CCTV recorders work with IP CCTV cameras that are either attached directly using Ethernet cables or connected through a local network.
IP network recorders with PoE ports can be connected directly to compatible IP CCTV cameras enabling power, video and audio to be sent over a single cable.


Unlocked to all networks so you can use the sim of your choice. Simply plug your SIM card in too boost on-site productivity and stay connected in a diverse range of environments.