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CCTV and Alarm Systems

What are the benefits of CCTV and alarm systems for your home?


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and alarm systems are two of the most often used home security options. They provide homeowners with a variety of benefits, including increased safety and peace of mind, improved property protection and expanded surveillance capabilities.


Increased safety and peace of mind


The primary advantage of CCTV and Alarm Systems is that they create a greater sense of safety and security. The knowledge that your home is being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by surveillance cameras and a security alarm can provide you with peace of mind, especially when you are away from home. If an attacker attempts to break in, the alarm system will sound, alerting you and any nearby neighbours. The CCTV cameras can provide visual evidence of the intruder, which can aid police in identifying and apprehending them.


Improved property protection


You can monitor your home and property from anywhere, at any time, by installing a CCTV system. If you are away from home, you can keep a watch on your children, pets, and elderly relatives, as well as check on your house. Furthermore, if a break-in occurs, the visual video captured by the cameras can be used as evidence in court.


Enhanced surveillance capabilities


CCTV systems provide advanced features including night vision, motion detection, and remote watching. These capabilities enable you to monitor your home even when it is dark or when you are away. When it detects movement, the motion detection feature can sound an alert or give you a warning, allowing you to take rapid action if necessary.

At HBET we can supply, install and service a wide range of CCTV systems from basic to HD and 4K to meet the needs of our customers. Book online via our website today.

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