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Professional Solutions For Security & Comfort

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Ajax Hub & App Intergration
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What Can An Ajax System Do?
Ajax doesn’t limit itself to one job. Instead, it does three at once. The system immediately alerts users if it detects a break-in, smoke or a flood.
Additionally, it has integration for third-party surveillance cameras and manage Relays for Controlling Electrical Appliances Remotely, making Ajax a singular security center.

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The Control Panel

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Hub is the core device in the system. It uses our encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, to connect to detectors and monitor them. The hub immediately sends alerts via SMS, push notification or phone call.

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Jeweller radio protocol allows building security systems of any scale by connecting up to 200 devices to a single control panel, the hub. The maximum communication range of 2,000 meters is enough to cover up to 12 km² and protect apartments, homes, commercial properties, and offices.

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Up to 200 devices can operate within one security system without causing interference. Up to 5 of them can be radio range extenders. Ajax maximum coverage area can reach up to 35 km².


Block cipher encryption of data, frequency hopping, and device authentication during each contact prevent forgery of the equipment and signals.

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Ajax App Connected to Hub

Jeweller Radio Protocol:

Jeweller is a radio protocol developed by Ajax System. It guarantees an uninterrupted interaction between the hub and security system devices.

Jeweller Key Features:


Two-way radio communication features an algorithm to confirm the delivery of events and automatic frequency hopping in case of interference. Alarms are transmitted in less than 0.15 seconds.


Jeweller provides up to 2,000 m of radio communication range between devices in an open area without interruptions. The range could be expanded to up to 3,800 m by integrating the radio signal range extender.


The protocol uses time-division multiplexing of communication channels with a customizable frame size from 12 seconds. It features a short communication period and automatic regulation of signal strength. Jeweller extends the battery life of detectors to up to 7 years.

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Ajax with Rex Integration

Using 5 radio signal range extenders, the Ajax security system can cover up to 35 km² to protect hotels, storage facilities, estates, or factories.

The two-way communication between the hub and connected devices provides many advantages.

Ajax Signal Intensity

Automatic adjustment of signal intensity

Device configurations can be corrected from afar using the app instead of physical switches and terminals.

Ajax Signal With App

Device settings can be configured in the app

Each system device establishes contact with the hub in a strictly defined moment and for a very brief period using an advanced technology for time-division multiplexing 

Ajax Loss of Connection

Using the shortest interval allows users to discover the loss of connection with the detector in just 36 seconds

Data encryption, frequency hopping, and device authentication protect Ajax from sabotage.

Ajax Data Encryption

During transmission, data is protected using block cipher encryption with dynamic key

Jeweller operation can be interrupted only by jamming all wireless signals near the protected property. But even in this case, the system wouldn’t be compromised. Ajax will quickly notify an alarm response company as well as users about the problem.

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